Cinch 1.0

Use your mouse to manage efficiently all of your windows on your desktop.

It is modern trend to be able to manage all of your windows on your desktop efficiently. Opening two windows side by side used to be troublesome, now it can be achieved with a simple move of a mouse, all thanks to this program. Arrange all of your windows the way that is most convenient to you.

The program features its own installer. It is very convenient as it automatically enables Universal Access, as long as you check the appropriate box, so you do not have to mess around in your System's Preferences.

The application does not have many menus and preferences since its functionality is very limited. The program snaps a window you drag to a side of the screen into the right position. For example, if you drag the window to the left side of the screen, as soon as it hits the edge, you will see the stripped outline of the window - that shows you where the window will be snapped. Dragging a window to the top of the screen, will maximize the window to the entire desktop area and so on.

The program only cost 7 dollars, but it is definitively missing its brother program, SizeUp, which allows you to control windows with shortcuts on your keyboard. It would be my preference to be able to have both of those functions combined into one application, rather than two separate purchased for 20 dollars. If anything, each of them should be 10 dollars each, but the developers thought the keyboard version is 6 dollars more complex.

Joshua Wrightwood
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  • Got an installer that enables Universal Access


  • Its price and the pricing scheme
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