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13 FCP/FCX plugins
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The Clone And Paint-collection contains 13 new plugins for Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express providing you with new functions as you might know them from popular paint software: Clone: The clone- and repair-tool Levels Pro: Change the levels of each channel individually Posterize: A versatile tool for the posterize effect Gradient Pro: Adjust the gamma curve as never before Shear: Shear clips and images Trail: Draw a path with markers and highlighted points Brightness-Contrast-Gamma:...more options, better quality Marching Ants: A tool to add a nice looking marching ants effect Mosaic: The most versatile tool to create a perfect mosaic effect Rip: Tear your clips on pieces in a new way Curvewipe: A versatile tool to create a crossfade Channel Mixer: Mix up the red, green and blue channels Better BandSlide: A BandSlide-filter and -transition with more options Also take a look at our other products for Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express: The Keyframe-collection: A collection with 42 plugins providing full keyframe-capabilities for Final Cut Express. The Bezier-Garbage Matte Pro: Create a Garbage Matte WITH Bezier-handles. The MotionTracker-collection: 5 plugins for automatic content-tracking. The Time-Collection: Time-bending tools for precise Time- and Speed-Manipulation. The 3D-collection: A set of several 3D-animation tools. (Take a look at the spectacular 3D-Matrix.) The Morph-collection: The first and only native morphing tool. The Distortion-collection: A great collection of distortion tools. The Color-collection: A set of color manipulating tools. The Text-collection: Two plugins to create perfect scrolling text. The Film-filter: The professional tool to make your film look old. The Starters-collection: Two inexpensive plugins for beginners.



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