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Be in charge of a single species and watch it grow and branch into other species
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Be in charge of a single species and watch it grow and branch into various species as it evolves generation after generation. In Chrysalis-Dx you will control three important environmental variables. Available Food, Temperature and CO2 level. As you adjust these level during the course of the simulation, you will be controlling the path of evolution.
It won’t be easy because as more species start sharing the same environment, competition for food becomes inevitable. Some species have special traits that helps their own but not the competition while others have traits the hurts the competition but offer no direct benefit on its own. At the end of the day however you decide which species you want to support by changing the environmental variables. You can’t save them all but then again that’s how real life works.
Chrysalis-Dx is a causal paced simulation which can run in the background while you do real work. It can be the perfect distraction while you take those 5 min breaks. Check up on your species, adjust the environment and see how things play out.
- Two independent chambers with independent environment for species to evolve
- Move species between chambers for better control of the environment and species competition
- Graphical Evolution Path.
- more than 30 species variations
- evolution tree with 4 branching points
- Save and load multiple simulation in a single game
- Zoom in/out of your chamber for more detail
- Post in-game screenshots to your Facebook page from within the app

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