Chronicles of Albian

Use your Hidden Object talents to find hidden treasures.
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Chronicles of Albian is a beautiful hidden-object game in which you will visit different scenes of the Albian Castle. In every scene, you will be asked to find a list of objects. With every object you find, you will be given money, and with it you can repair the castle and perform the necessary upgrades for the convention that will he held there.

The objects that you need to find are listed as words and they are very well camouflaged with the environment, so the game is pretty challenging. If you have trouble finding an object, you can ask for a hint, which will highlight the object you mark on the list. The hints are limited, and you can replenish them by finding hidden magical wands in the scenes. The scenes also have magical gems hidden, which give you extra money if you find them.

The game offers two modes: timed or relaxed, but the game is the same in both modes. As you play, you will also unlock several mini-games, which can be played whenever you want. The game has very attractive graphics and sounds, an interesting story, and pleasant music.

All in all, if you are looking for a nice hidden-object game to pass the time, Chronicles of Albian can be a good choice.

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  • Challenging and enjoyable
  • Unlockable puzzles
  • Lovely scenes
  • Two modes


  • No trophies



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