Christmas Super Frog

Christmas Super Frog 2.1

Christmas Super Frog is a very simple game in which you are a frog.

Christmas Super Frog is a very simple game in which you are a frog and you need to cross a busy road full of cars passing in order to get to the other side and reach the Christmas presents. However, when you reach the other side of the street you also should be careful and walk over the rocks because if you touch the water, you die. Avoid the flying presents as they can kill you.

As you advance in levels, it gets more and more difficult to cross the road, because there are lots of cars. Some of the cars run slower than others, so they give you more time to cross. Moreover, in advanced levels there are lots of flying presents to avoid. The game is timed, so you score more points if you finish the levels faster. You have five lives when you start the game, but you can get more as you play. The game has very simple graphics and sounds, and nice Christmas music with multiple tracks.

Thus, Christmas Super Frog is a simple but challenging game which can help you improve your concentration and eye-hand coordination.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Multiple levels
  • Challenging
  • Nice music
  • Enjoyable
  • Free


  • Very simple graphics and sounds
  • No customization options
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