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Bitnotic chill is a tool that can generate music automatically.
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Bitnotic chill is a tool that can generate music automatically. You can adjust how the music is created by moving sliders and enabling and disabling certain effects. But that's all you can do. For example, the mood section includes three sliders named mellow, space and beats, a button called "swell" and a pulse graph. In some songs, moving the beats slider down reduces the tempo of the song. But most of the time that does nothing, or I can't hear the difference. Below the "mood" category is "Mix", which has five sliders and two buttons. Changing these has more of an effect than changing the ones in mood. For example, if you move "melody" all the way to the bottom, you will only hear the ambient effects, drums, etc, but no background melody. There is also a heartbeat effect that you can enable.

All in all, Bitnotic chill generates music that never sounds the same. You can somehow customize it and there are two nice features that allow you to burn the song that is playing to a CD or add it to iTunes for later playback. Personally, I am not much into the whole ambient sound kind of thing while I am working, but I know of people who feel soothed by it.

José Fernández
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  • It works well
  • Some songs are really nice
  • You can save songs


  • Some songs end very abruptly
  • Some sliders don't seem to do much
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