Checkers Clash Challenges Lite 2011.04

Checkers Clash Challenges Lite is a collection of checkers puzzles.
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Checkers Clash Challenges Lite is a collection of checkers puzzles. This free version consists of 15 different levels or puzzles. Each puzzle has a goal, and you have to achieve it to be able to play the next puzzle. The first three or four puzzles ask you to beat your opponent in two moves. If you don't know the rules of checkers, then this might be a bit hard. I played the five levels and I didn't have any problems with them. I even got an achievement for completing one of the levels quickly. As you progress through the game, there will be more pieces on the board, which will make you think that the puzzles are harder, but they are not. In the first levels, the correct move seems to be to let the opponent take one of your pieces so that you have a straight path to all of its pieces.

The game has music, which is played softly throughout the game. There is an annoying sound that is played when you beat a level. But you can mute all sounds from the settings pane.

The board is made in 3D and you can change the perspective from the settings menu.

In short, this is a nice game with a few puzzles. They are not very difficult, but they should keep you entertained for a little while.

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