We gave our rc Helicopter Flight Simulator the name neXt because it heralds the next evolution in the model flight simulator industry.

What's new

- new helicopter: SAB Goblin Kraken 580, setup by Jonas Schelpe
- new fixed-wing model: Robbe Rasant 0,9m
- new scenery: Mission Wings MFC
- new fixed-wing model: Tomahawk Aviation Integral 2,5m
- motor force of fixed-wing models is shown in Newtons
- flaps (Settings > Input Device > Functions)
- scenery updated: Les Aigles de Battice RCA (cloudy). Delete the scenery in the scenery folder. Then install the update and download the scenery again.
- OMPHOBBY M2 got three additional canopy designs
- further improvements

v1.1 [13 May 2013]
- New Helicopter: Rave Ballistic 635 (Curtis Youngblood)
- New Helicopter: Voodoo 700 (Acrobat Helicopters)
- New Scenery: Airport Porta Westfalica
- The shadow bias is now adjustable. For most video cards the value 0 is perfekt. Then the landing gear shadows while landing won't be cut off. The bias defines the minimal distance of objects, where the shadow is calculated. Older graphics cards will flicker bias is set to 0. So increase the value to 2.
- Optimized rotor appearance.
- The crash behaviour of the landing gear is now optimized.
- A sky grid is very useful for a better orientation in the practice of aerobatic manoeuvres.
- For aerobatics training you can enable the flight box. The box will be shown as soon as you leaving the flight box.
- Tooltips in the helicopter and simulator settings.
- Now all 4 flight conditions can be switched by a transmitter.
- Adjustable transparency of the rotor dish.
- Presets are displayed per flight condition in the helicopter setup.
- Table in the MBG Mauchenmuehle scenery is corrected (regarding smoke and shadows).
- The neXt logo is now hideable.
- The pitch curve window is hideable.
- The menus are now less transparent (better visible).
- Heli start point is now determined by raycast.

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