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cf/x alpha 2.0 - compose. design. create.
Since cf/x alpha's launch, professional photographers, illustrators, designers and enthusiasts around the world turn to this powerful toolbox for high quality image composition and design.
The new 2.0 release builds on alpha's existing strengths: its powerful composition engine, unique blending capabilities, stunning f/x, and powerful collage- and mosaic generators.
alpha 2.0 brings image composing to a new, unprecedented level. Take a brief look at the selection of existing and new features, the screenshots, or visit our website for more information. If you are a photographer, designer or illustrator we know you'll like it. A lot.
cf/x alpha -- Professional Image Composition
Not your usual image editor: unlike pixel editors, alpha is a powerful composition engine. You no longer edit individual pixels - you are now working with images. alpha's tools are crafted accordingly, and using them may require you to re-think image composition. We mean that in a GOOD way. Finally you can compose images the way you always wanted.
Templates, Templates, Templates
alpha 2.0 includes a wide array of professionally designed templates for 'Composite-' or 'Sed-Cards', Posters, Yearbooks, Postcards, Collages, etc. Use them to jump-start your own designs.
Of course you can also create your own styles and add them to your templates at the touch of a button.
Blending Images
This is one of alpha's signature features. It allows you to manipulate transparency like a text editor allows you to edit words: naturally. Use the built-in transparency managers to assemble images with complex transparency in real time.
Of course, cf/x alpha also natively supports external blend masks and transparency if you have them.
Image effects (f/x)
alpha features more than 80 non-destructive f/x that you can use to touch-up your source images, or apply to the myriad of different objects that alpha supports (e.g. text, panels, frames). All effects are high-quality, fully configurable, stackable, real-time, and buzzword-compliant.
High-Quality Render & Export your artwork
Once your composition is completed, render and export it (with transparency) to different dpi and file formats (PNG, JPG, PDF, BMP, TIFF, PSD, etc. - quality is only restricted by input sources).
alpha directly exports to iPhoto, Aperture, the desktop (background wallpaper) or the, and can share via eMail or upload to flickr.
What's new in this version:
Template Manager and Prefab Templates:
alpha comes with over 50 ready-to-go professionally designed templates that make short work of routine designs. Better yet, you can convert your own designs into templates at the touch of a button.
alpha has gained new 'killer' functionality in the form of smart objects. These objects mostly behave like images in earlier versions of alpha, except much more so. New Objects include:
Smart Images: The image objects of...

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