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Making the process of project management as convenient as possible...
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Cerebro... Making the process of project management as convenient as possible, Cerebro allows to set tasks for one user or a group of users, monitor progress on the project as a whole, or on a separate task branch, receive regular reports from employees, set individual access levels to tasks and messages. You will also be able to receive statistics on progress, automatically calculate time and money expenditures on specific tasks, receive e-mail notifications if new reports or messages are posted in the system.
Cerebro offers a creative media-file reviewing option (the integrated media-file viewer Mirada supports a wide range of popular graphic and office formats, like-Cineon, DPX, OpenEXR, RAW, QuickTime and a wide range of other office and graphic formats (not to mention AVI, JPG etc.). Users can draw directly on video/image, create sticky-note comments, tape an audio-comment with mouse cursor movement and timeline shifting. The integrated Cargador module for file exchange rids you of FTP logins and passwords and takes care of file delivery. Attach files of any size or whole directories to your messages by simple "drag and drop". They instantly become visible to other users. Many more features.

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