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Comprehensive software package designed for people who work in the Film, TV, Theatre, and New Media industries.
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Celtx is a comprehensive software package designed for people who work in the Film, TV, Theatre, and New Media industries. It combines full-feature scriptwriting with media rich pre-production support and enables online collaboration.
Features include:
- Write, import, edit and publish scripts using standard industry formatting.
- Manage pre-production tasks like location and talent scouting.
- Perform production breakdowns by adding media (sound files, video clips and digital pictures).
- Collaborate with team members over the Internet.
Until Celtx, script writers were subjected to bloated and bug ridden software and the pre-production team had been ignored altogether. With Celtx, script writers enjoy using a clean and stable application that includes all the features they need to write. The pre-production team, for the first time, can now perform their production breakdown using software designed for that purpose. In addition to providing media rich tools to annotate the script, Celtx enables a project to be collaboratively shared with others.
Prior to Celtx, projects were completed using slip-sheeted, paper-based scripts maintained in bulky three ring binders that included hundreds, sometimes thousands, of attached pictures and hand written notes. Project information could only be shared in paper form.
Scripts written or imported into Celtx can be broken down digitally and, for the first time, easily shared with others to foster collaboration and creativity during the pre-production and production phases of film and TV making.

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