CDCoverTool OSX

CDCoverTool OSX 1.2

CDCoverTool is a handy tool for managing CD covers.
1.2 (See all)
HillmanMinx Software

CDCoverTool is a handy tool for downloading and printing CD covers. Got some albums in MP3 format you've just burned for the car, and you want to print out nice CD covers including track listings, all AUTOMATICALLY? CDCoverTool can do it.

If there is already an image in the same folder as the MP3 files, then CDCoverTool will use it. If not, it will attempt to download it from the internet (usually with over 90% success rate for other than completely weird and obscure stuff). It can automatically search and download the covers for several albums at once. Drop you whole collection on it and have it download the CD covers for the whole lot!!

Once you've got the image, you can print out a nicely formatted CD cover, including the image on the front cover, and a nicely printed list of the track names. All WITHOUT TYPING anything. CDCoverTool uses the file name as the track name.

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