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CCleaner is a very popular system maintenance tool.
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CCleaner is a very good system maintenance tool. It has been one of the most popular cleaning utilities for PCs for a long time, and now it has been released for the Mac. PC users will feel right at home, since the graphical user interface remains almost identical to that of the PC version. CCleaner tackles problems relevant to the Mac, and there are quite a few.

The application's main window is divided into two panes. The first one shows a list of items that CCleaner will analyze. Most of what CCleaner does is delete files that you might not need anymore. Those files might be making your Mac slow or creating other problems. For example, by default, the application will analyze your Internet Cache folders, your Internet history, cookies and download history. It will also take a look at your trash, recent documents, applications, servers, places, logs and directory service caches. It will scan your dock, software updates, quick look, airport, console, and dashboard. Then, after the analysis has been done, it will display a report detailing how much space can be saved by cleaning your Mac. In my case, I hadn't emptied the Trash for a while, so I had 50 gigabytes worth of stuff there. The system caches added an extra 2 GBs. You can see how space piles up if you are not careful in maintaining your Mac.

In short, this app can clean your Mac thoroughly and help you recover hard drive space. It comes with extra tools such as an application uninstaller, a repair permissions utility and a tool that erases free space.

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