CatHide 0.9

Cross-platform mobile development tool.

CatHide is a cross-platform mobile development tool. It uses a modified version of the Cocos2d-x library to allow developers to build games for iOS, Android, Blackberry QNX and WebOS from a single codebase and with a single click. I features its own built in simulator for testing the apps and can deploy to various platform specific simulators and devices for real life testing. The software is in beta form and is free to download and try for 30 days. The trial period will be reset with new updates until the product reaches release status. During the beta period, it can be purchased for a discounted price of $29.99. After the beta period, the price will be $49.95. A tutorial on the basics of using CatHide and its version of Cocos2d-x is available on the website. More tutorials are planned.
What's new in this version:
*Important bug fix* To save space, universal apps don't include the XLarge images for iPad, although if enableSuperRetina was called they would still put the iPad into retina mode. Now the call is wrapped in a conditional to only be called if CH_HDTABLET is defined. Existing projects can be upgraded by adding this manually, or by leaving super retina display disabled. Preliminary testing on BB 10 is complete. Everything appears to work, although there is an error when the app is quit. It appe...

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