CATEGORY Excel Add-In 1.0

Free Save a lot of time while performing an analysis in Excel.
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CATEGORY Add-In is an Excel Add-In that is built to increase productivity and efficiency by saving the excel user a lot of time while performing an analysis in Excel.
Whether the work involves conducting an analysis to come up with certain conclusions that will help in making the right decisions, or it involves a data comparison/reconciliation between 2 data sets, CATEGORY Add-In helps the user to reach better results in significantly lower time.

Another tremendous benefit from using CATEGORY Add-In is that the user does not need to rely on complex Excel functions and formulas to complete the analysis. By using CATEGORY Add-In user-friendly forms the user will achieve the same desired outcome without impacting the overall performance of the workbooks.

CATEGORY Add-In automates the process of conducting any type of analysis so it can save you time and money while allow you to view any related rules and manage it for any future required updates.

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