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Catchy Tunes is an entertaining game designed for Mac.
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Catchy Tunes is an entertaining game developed by EnsenaSoft for Mac that is suitable for players of all ages. Your objective is to catch musical notes as they float on the screen and reach the goal that's being listed on the upper side of the main window.

The app plays a nice, relaxing background music, allows you to toggle windowed or fullscreen mode, and provides you with many challenging levels. What's more, you have access to an option to disable sound effects and music if you wish to play in complete silence.

Understanding how to play the game isn't hard at all as all instructions are available on the homepage of the product. However, I am not too happy with the fact that the app doesn't provide you with an option to save the gameplay progress.

Another aspect I don't like is that you're unable to pause and resume the game. The app even lacks an option to go back to the main menu window. You just need to wait for the app to display the Game Over window and then you can access the main menu.

Despite lacking several options, I still think it's worth installing on your Mac. The app is perfect for kids, has simple rules, and is free of charge.

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  • Nice graphics
  • Plays a relaxing background music
  • You can toggle windowed or fullscreen mode
  • Brings you an option to disable background music
  • Offers you many challenges


  • Unable to save game progress



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