Cataline Kitty

Cataline Kitty 1.03

Cataline Kitty is a cute game in which you must throw a cat in the air.
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Afzainizam Zahari

Cataline Kitty is an original game in which you must throw a cat in the air so that it could land in a fish bowl. It looks simple, but in fact it's not primitive at all. You have to combine the right boost and direction to land exactly in the fish bowl. To launch the cat you simply have to pull the cat back using two knitting needles. The more you pull back, the more boost you give to the cat. You should try to catch the umbrella that is floating in the air in order to land more smoothly. There are also floating stars that you should get while you land to get more points.

In all levels you will have to do the same, but they all have a different layout and different obstacles or things to avoid. You should always try not to hit the cat against walls, and you also get bonus points for perfect landings. What is great about this game is that all the levels look fantastic and are completely different and the game is set in a world made of fabric. Everything is colorful, with different textures and there are animated objects like a smiling sun, clouds, rain, etc. The music is also enchanting, although it is repeated throughout the different levels. As you progress, the game will get more and more challenging, with enemies and many more obstacles appearing.

In short, if you are looking for a cute, challenging, and very enjoyable game to pass the time, Cataline Kitty will surely get your attention.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Lovely graphics
  • Challenging and enjoyable
  • Cute scenarios and characters
  • Original
  • Free


  • Nice but repetitive music
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