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Cartoon Animator 4 is a powerful 2D animation software with entry-level and professional features.
May 6, 2022
Nov 16, 2020

What's new

Add "Import 3D Motion (3D Motion Convertor)
In v4.4, Cartoon Animator extends its compatibility to 3D Motion (.rlMotion, .iMotion). Which means 3D motion can now be imported and projected to 2D characters. Moreover, with 3D Motion Converter in Cartoon Animator, you have additional options for customization, such as the ability to project different angles and select specific ranges in the 3D motion for transfer. "
Add "G3 character supports .rlmotion and .imotion
Reallusion has reached a major breakthrough, with the ability to support 3D motion data (.rlMotion and .iMotion) for G3 characters in Cartoon Animator. This unlocks several possibilities for G3 characters to perform realistic animation. Moreover, with more than 3,000 3D motion content available in the Reallusion online stores, the possibilities are endless for animating 2D characters in multiple viewing angles, for a variety of scenarios."
Add "New Embedded Content added in Content Library
In order to fully experience the benefit of applying 3D motion to 2D animation, Reallusion provides the following content along with the relevant software for exploration:
- 3D Motion Contents (.rlMotion, .iMotion)
8 sets of 3D motion are provided, including 2 poses, 1 dance motion, 2 idle motions and 3 walking motions. All motions are applicable to characters with multiple angles - front, side, and quarter-view.
For more 3D motion, you can go to Reallusion Content Store to get more:
- Dummy Characters for 3D Motion
7 dummy characters for 3D motion are provided. These dummy characters are optimized with Reallusion's retargeting system, in order to perform smoothly when 3D motions are applied.
- Dummy Bone Hand
4 dummy bone hands are provided, including Dummy_back up, Dummy_back, Dummy_palm down, Dummy_palm front. Different angles of the hand provide options for enhancing the natural look for the hand gestures. Customize the hand by sending the dummy bone hand templates to a 3rd party PSD editor.
- 2D Motion content fine-tuned from 3D Motion (.rlMotion, .iMotion)
As a demonstration of how 3D motion can be converted to 2D motion and applied to 2D characters, 32 sets of fine-tuned 2D motions are provided. These 2D motions are converted from motion capture data.
Enhance "Flip Body
In the past, when users applied motion capture with Motion Live 2D, the character was not able to move back to the initial starting position. In v.4.4, Reallusion optimizes the body animation with ""Flip Body'' function. By enabling the ""Flip Body '' function in the mocap process , the mo-capped 2D character will flip the body automatically when the mocap actor turns around. Therefore, the facing direction of the character is aligned with real-life motion, saving the trouble of post-editing the animation to fit the scene. This feature also makes for a more flexible and intuitive way to animate with motion capture."
Enhance "Z-Axis
Z- Axis is a helpful tool newly added in CTA that creates a spatial and depth effect for 2D animation. Users can enable this tool when applying 3D motion capture. It changes the scale of the object/character when moving it forward or backward. This way, users can use the camera perspective to represent three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional surface, which makes the animation look more natural and realistic."
Enhanced "Set Project Start/End Frame Markers
In v.4.4, Reallusion adds the Start/ End marker button in the toolbar, allowing you to simply click on the button to set start and end frame to customize the export range . This enhanced feature provides a more friendly user experience. "
Fixed [TS 189414] Possible crash when saving project while using the Elastic Motion Editor.
Fixed [TS 187590] Project may crash when saving the character, after deleting full angle and adding new sprites to G2 character in the Sprite Editor.

v4.1 [Nov 16, 2020]
* Preview Video Added

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