Card Data Recovery for Mac

Card Data Recovery for Mac 2015.05

This app can scan your memory cards for files that can be recovered.
2015.05.11 (See all)

Card Data Recovery for Mac is an application that can scan your memory cards for files that can be recovered. These files may have been deleted in the past, or otherwise lost, but in some cases applications like this can recover them. This particular file recovery tool can look for images, videos, music, and other files. There are two scan modes: Quick Recovery and Raw Recovery.

Quick Recovery, as the name suggests, will try to recover your files in the shortest time possible. The application likely looks for those files that can be easily recovered and it doesn't bother scanning your media too much. In my testing, a Quick Recovery scan took less than 20 seconds, and the number of files it found was very small.

The Raw Recovery mode will really take its time, and it is your best shot at recovering as many files as possible. When I ran this scan, it took the application almost 20 minutes to scan a 4-gigabyte flash drive. It produced way better results than the Quick Recovery mode, though.

Once the scan is complete, regardless of the mode, you will see a list of folders with the files that can be recovered. The application groups the files that it finds by file type. So you will probably see folders named photo, music, video, and others. You might also see other folders that were at some point saved on your drive or card. You can click on the files to preview them before recovering them.

In my testing, the application performed mostly well, but it did crash several times when I was previewing media after a Raw Recovery scan.

José Fernández
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  • Two scanning modes
  • It found many files that were recoverable
  • Filtering options


  • It crashes
  • No estimated time before completion
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