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Test your knowledge of real-world physics by predicting your shot.
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Carambola is a nice billiard game in which you need to hit two balls with only one ball in one shot. This trick is called a carom. The goal of the game is to score as many caroms as possible. You can play alone, against another player on the same computer, play a deferred match against a remote player, or play in real time against a remote player. If you play against another player, the one who makes a carom can continue playing until he loses.

From the Settings menu, you will be able to select the number of balls, mode, options, narrator, music (macpool radio or Itunes music), name of the players, country flag, table colors, and table quality. The controls are really simple, but they cannot be customized. You play using the arrow keys to increase or decrease spin, or you can also use your mouse. The shots can be saved as a flash animation, but you can't save the games to continue them later. The game offers very simple graphics and sounds, and no built-in music.

All in all, if you like billiard games and you are looking for a simple game with a different twist, Carambola may work for you.

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  • Easy to play
  • You can play against other players remotely or locally


  • Simple graphics and sounds
  • No built-in music
  • No saving capabilities



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  • Carambola billiards game
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