CaptureIt! 1.8

A great application that allows you to take screenshots from your Mac desktop.

CaptureIt! is a smart application that enables you to take screenshots from your Mac desktop. The program also allows you to record a video from your desktop.
You have the possibility to take simple screenshots or you can take layered screenshots. While using the layered screenshot option, all the windows on the screen will be shot into layers, which you could edit later depending on your needs. CaptureIt! also gives you the possibility to take timed captures. The normal countdown time for the capture is 5 seconds, but you are able to change it from the program preferences.

This program not only that allows you to take screenshots, but it also enables you to record a video clip with the help of your Mac webcam.

CaptureIt! allows you to select the image format for you captures from png, jpeg, tiff, gif and bmp. You can also change the title of the captures.

The program allows you to select some options for the video recording. You are able to record in best quality format, normal quality low quality or in formats that are compatible with iPhone or YouTube.

Therefore, CaptureIt! is a helpful program that comes in handy whenever you want to take screenshots from your desktop.

Abbie Crang
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  • You can record videos with the help of the web cam
  • Allows you to take layered screenshots


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