CamWiz Webcam Pro

CamWiz Webcam Pro 3.2

CamWiz Webcam Recorder lets you take total control of webcams on your mac.
3.2 (See all)

CamWiz Webcam Recorder lets you take total control of webcams on your mac. You can use it to view, record and play back webcam video. The recorder has a modular design to allow easy upgrade.

Features include:

* Built-in FaceTime/iSlight and external USB webcam support.
* Audio recording.
* Selectable quality for recording.
* Auto-stop recording timer.
* Adjust video setting such as color saturation, brightness and contrast.
* Night vision mode.
* Add timestamp during recording.

The Pro version contains the following additional modules:


Motion Detection turns CamWiz into a motion detector. You can set it to alert you with an email when motion is detected, or start automatic recording. 


* Motion triggered alert sound.
* Automatic email notification when motion is detected.
* Automatic webcam recording when motion is detected.


The Remote Webcam Monitoring module lets you remotely view your webcam from another computer or an iOS device. Using the portal, you can access your webcam stream (both audio and video) in live mode, or view previously recorded video. The webcam stream is protected by a private login and passcode. But, of course, if you want to share your webcam view your friends, you can simply share your access code with them. 

When used together with the Motion Detection module, You have a complete security surveillance system right here on your mac. 


* View from anywhere using
* View from Safari or Firefox on any computer.
* View from Safari on any iOS devices.
* Remotely start webcam recording.
* Remotely view recorded webcam videos.
* Audio available when viewing from Safari.


ScreenCam Capture lets you do movie recording of your mac's desktop activity. You can take advantage of CamWiz's tuner module to adjust the video quality on the fly, or share your desktop as a webcam with other online messaging app on the mac (detail).

When using ScreenCam Capture module with the Motion Detection and Remote Webcam Monitoring modules, you can even do remote monitoring of your mac's desktop activity.


* Screen capture and recording.
* Full screen or partial screen capture.
* Use live screen capture as webcam input.
* Works with CamWiz motion detection and remote monitoring add-in.

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