Calories 2

Calories 2

A training assistant for counting calories.
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Maintain an active lifestyle and analyze the progress in losing weight after various diets and exercises. Record and track your eating history with detailed logs on calorie consumption, check the current weight, save the results for future comparison, etc.

Calories 2 – your personal coach for an active and healthy lifestyle!
➤ CALORIES 2 LOGGING: Calories 2 records your eating history, your calorie consumption, and your weight and body analysis data.
➤ CALORIES 2 ANALYZING: Calories 2 collects all your diet and exercise information and puts it into one clear and simple picture.
➤ CALORIES 2 MOTIVATING: Calories 2 helps guide you to weight loss success. It shows your progress towards your goal and highlights those areas where you may need to work a bit harder.

➤ Tracks your daily nutrition:
• Calories is easy to use. It has a simple, clear user interface.
• Calories makes tracking your daily nutrition a snap using the integrated food database.
• Calories includes the USDA Food Database for Dietary Study 3.0 (U.S. Department of Agriculture), that covers more than 10,000 foods
• Calories includes 44 different built-in nutrition per food.
• Calories lets you import additional food databases (Canadian, english/french and a swiss, german, french, italian for free)
• Calories includes a food editor to rename, add custom portions etc. and that lets you combine existing foods or enter new foods that are not in the database.
• Calories allows to track data for up to five people (family members)

➤ Organizes and improves your nutrition:
• You can create custom meals for specific times during the day
• Search using smart filters to find foods with specific nutrients and ingredients
• Calories’s Info-Panel lists foods and meals nutrients and consumed nutrients for selected time intervals
• See how many calories you have consumed, sorted by carbs, fat and protein.

➤ Measures body analysis data:
• Quick entry of your of daily weight data with the balance panel
• Automatic calculation of BMI in real time
• Daily tracking of body analysis data (fat, water, muscle, bones)
• Support for dimensions in both pound/inch and kilogram/centimeter units.
• Adjustable components for body analysis data. Fat, water, muscle and bones can be activated separately.
• Direct integration of the WiThings body scale (weight and body-analysis data is tracked wirelessly and imported automatically)
• Support for the dual fat/lean-mass analyzing model of the WiThings body scale.
• Support for assigning a dedicated WiThings user to a Calories user account

➤ Tracks your calorie consumption:
• Calories tracks your activities and sports.
• Database with standard activities and their calorie consumption adjusted for your personal body profile
• Calories lets you add custom activities.
• You can also directly input your burned calories

➤ Analysis:
• Calories shows you a graphic representation of your calorie consumption and calories burned as well as calculation and representation of the net balance.
• Clear graphical presentation of your calorie intake for the day, week, month and year.
• Charts: Weight, body analysis data, intakes and energy consumption are shown with their relation and dependencies
• Chart graph data is clickable for instant editing

➤ Motivation:
• Your user profile shows your weight-goal, personal limits for consumed calories and nutrients.
• Calories show you your optimal BMI-range, aims and limit.
• Calories shows you a visual indication when you have gone past your limits
• The new credit indicator gives you a quick overview. It tells you if you can go eat more now or if you need to exercise first.

➤Calories is your daily companion, at home and on the road:
• Calories has a convenient calendar panel for fast navigation
• Calories can export your data as a CSV file for printing or further processing
• A companion iPhone app, Cal2Go with Sync-Feature, is available!

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