Callas pdfToolbox Server 7.6

Acrobat preflighting, pdf correction, color management.
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In an industry increasingly driven by standardization and automation, callas pdfToolbox Server 4 provides you with the tools needed to quickly and accurately check, correct and color mange your jobs. Whether you are a document creator or on the receiving end of the flow, when you are dealing with high volumes of PDF files callas pdfToolbox Server is a robust stand-alone application allowing you to automate those repetitive tasks that do not really need operator intervention. Based on the same technology that drives Adobe Acrobats preflight feature pdfToolbox Server enables hotfolder-based preflighting, automatic correction and color-management. With over 800 individually configurable checks pdfToolbox Server offers the most advanced automatic PDF preflight solution in the industry. In combination with its comprehensive set of automatic correction features it allows you to prepare or repurpose files for a specific production process. pdfToolbox Server allows you even to take in PDFs created in office applications and make them ready for professional, high quality output without even touching them.For operation in a larger, more advanced workflow environment, callas pdfToolbox Server works really well with enfocus SWITCH. SWITCH serves as an automation platform between callas pdfToolbox Server and other 3rd party applications. Regardless of the size of your business, callas pdfToolbox Server provides you with the automated PDF capabilities you need to reduce errors, make your workflow more efficient and increase the quality of your production. You will be able to focus on your core business while keeping your customers happy.

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