callas pdfAutoOptimizer for SWITCH 1.2

Transparency flattening & output optimization.
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While industry standards based on PDF/X have made the file exchange specifically in graphic arts more reliable and predictable at the same time they have eliminated some of the device independent advantages of PDF, most notably live transparency. With callas pdfAutoOptimizer, designers, publishers or printers can delay converting a PDF to the specification of its intended output until the very last moment. callas pdfAutoOptimizer enables designers or publishers to work with a digital master in their workflow. Once the design has been approved, you simply create a non-flattened, device independent PDF. In combination with callas pdfTooolbox Server, pdfAutoOptimizer allows you to derive versions for different media from that file handling the necessary color conversions and flattening the document. As you are using pre-configured settings within an automated environment, you are avoiding errors and gaining time. Also printers can benefit from the advanced features of callas pdfAutoOptimizer. As not all designers are fully aware of the different standards and specifications for PDF creation and delivery, you can end-up with non-flattened PDFs. While some modern RIPS are able to deal with these files, callas pdfAutoOptimizer can do it at a fraction of the cost of replacing your equipment. callas pdfAutoOptimizer uses Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro robust mechanisms to implement hotfolder-based automation for PDF-based transparency flattening. It can even remove unwanted ICC profiles introduced during the flattening process. Also pdfAutoOptimizer directly plugs into enfocus FullSwitch and PowerSwitch for advanced automation and interaction with other applications.
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Support for Acrobat 9 Pro and Enfocus Switch 08 Update 4



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