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This app is even further confusing with the release of Mountain Lion (OS X iCal became Calendar, Qbix have renamed Calendar to CalendarFree which is available on the Mac App Store. Users werer recommended to move the Qbix app into a subfolder of the applications folder. The 2 apps would co-exist roughly on an upgrade install, since Apple's calendar is a system app and cannot be uninstalled.

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The calendar is simple in design. This simplicity, to my mind, makes it even more visual, when it comes to using it.

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confusion caused by programs from different developers using the same application name 1.4 is from and available in the mac App Store 2011-09-27 as opposed to the 2.2 from

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This piece of crap has nothing whatsoever to do with as in the Mac App Store which mac.informer is actually detecting on my mac originally
from via the Mac App Store
which is actually freeware

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