Calculator + f 2.0

Perform both simple and complex scientific and business calculations.
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Brian Saydak
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Calculator + f is a powerful, extensible calculator accepting natural formula notation running on OS X. Define your own formulas to do your daily calculations. A history log allows you to verify and go back to your recent calculations. Calculator + f also runs at a service, enter a formula in your word processor and calculate the result by choosing "Calculate" from the services menu. All calculations are done by entering natural infix notation, e.g. 3*(3+3^3) calculates to 90. Calculator + f also supports binary and hexadecimal operations. This powerful calculator offers you a large set of predefined scientific, business and binary functions and operators. Binary operations can be performed for signed and unsigned numbers. You can also define your own functions and group them into separate lists. These functions can be saved, edited and deleted. Calculator + f is suited for almost every calculation.
Calculator + f is very versatile and user friendly. Every performed calculation is added to the history log. By simply double-clicking an entry in the history log, you can reuse the formula. You can even print the log and verify your calculation steps later. It is easy to work with multiple calculator windows, each maintaining its own log and settings. You can customize the behavior by choosing options from the preferences panel. On closing the default calculator, the last formula, the last result, the window position and the log entries are automatically saved. You can also use more than one (the default) calculator by creating your own calculator documents.
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