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CalcPlus X 2.2

CalcPlus X includes a full range of commonly used functions including: Sine
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John McGruer

CalcPlus X includes a full range of commonly used functions including: Sine; ArcSine; Cosine; ArcCosine; Tangent; ArcTangent; Square; Square root; Power; Natural logarithm; Logarithm base 10; Exponential; Reciprocal; Percentage; Factorial; Pi; Degrees/Radians; Memory plus/minus/recall/clear.
The display can be formatted as currency, or with a fixed number of decimal places (zero to eight) or can be un-fixed (free-formatting). Number formatting is fully localised (thousands and decimal separators, and currency symbols are determined by the users International System Preference settings)!Inputed numbers and operations can be edited before execution. All functions have their own keyboard equivalent for quick (mouse-free) keyboard entry.Fractions mode allows the entry, conversion of, and calculations with, fractions. The results returned are returned as fractions, always reduced to their lowest common denominator.
CalcPlus X's converter provides quick and easy conversions between more than 55 US, imperial, metric and currency units in the following categories: Length; Area; Volume; Liquid Volume; Weight; Temperature; Currency, Flow. The converter conveniently pops out in a drawer that can be hidden from view when not in use (although conversions with the last selected units can still be made with the drawer closed). The result of a conversion appears in the calculator display ready for further calculations or conversions. Currencies can be conveniently updated by selecting a menu item taking the user to a currency update Web site.
Popup help is available for all functions and a comprehensive manual in PDF format is also provided.

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