Caffeinated versions

Combine news feedback into an RSS environment.
Jul 19, 2013
Sep 9, 2012
May 7, 2011
Editorial review

What's new

v2.0 [Jul 4, 2013]
Bug fixes:
Fixed crashing due to invalid favicons
Fixed crashing to do with RDF formats
Fixed various crashing for 10.6
Fixed issues where some feeds were not detected, an example would be Steam's feeds
Fixed issue where the subscription add popover would not close due to always being modal
Fixed issue with sharing an image location causing a crash / hang
Fixed issue with the remove button not working
Fixed various UI oddities with popovers
Fixed issue with encoded URL's being sent from browsers when adding feeds
( Possibly ) Fixed issue with the menu bar not appearing
Fixed unread counts not updating when marking as unread
Whats changed:
Much better support for RDF format feeds
Much better support for foreign characters
Shortcut for next item will select the first item if no selection is present
Shortcut for previous item will select last item if no selection is present
Save dialogs will now default to the last save path
Whats new:
You can now toggle notifications for individual send to services

v1.3 [Sep 9, 2012]
- Fixes random crashing bug
- Fixes Facebook crashing bug
- Fixed Google+ crashing bug
- Fixed print entitlement
- Fixed starred items not syncing correctly
- Fixed issue with mark selection as read ignoring the items that were multi-selected
- Fixed issue with Evernote
- Fixed issue with Safari Reading List
- Fixed issue with add subscription popover not opening when clicking a feed url from another application and Caffeinated is not open
- Moved the "view" menu next to edit
- Evernote will now use full HTML as a note
- Application is now full retina ready!
- Added icons in the services preferences
- Added longer refresh times
- Added ability to sync all starred items - huzzah!
- Added ability to always display notifications regardless off wether the application is focused or not
- Added "copy" into the toolbar
- Added "open into browser" into the toolbar
- Added "open" into the toolbar
- Added new theme "Smooth"
- Added shortcuts for navigating around the app
- Removed copy, open, open in browser shortcuts and moved into the services section ( your custom shortcuts are carried over into the service )
- Improved theme engine
- Improved syncing speeds

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