Cabri II Plus

Cabri II Plus 1.4

Cabri II Plus is a software recognized by experts in pedagogy
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Cabri II Plus is a software recognized by experts in pedagogy, specifically for its simplicity of use and solid educational foundation.
Main features:
- Construct 2-D and 3-D figures, from the simplest to the most complex, by combining fundamental geometric objects such as points, angles, segments, circles, planes, solids and transformations.
- Create expressions using fundamental algebraic concepts, such as numbers, variables and operations.
- Connect geometry and algebra by measuring length, angles, area and volume and then attaching these numeric values directly to the figure to use them in calculations or in algebraic expressions.
- Explore a figure's properties by manipulating its variable elements. Observe the effects of dynamic transformations like shrinking and enlarging. Make conjectures about algebraic and geometric properties, and then verify relationships among various parts of a figure.

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