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20 Jan 2021
29 Aug 2017
Editorial review
15 Oct 2016
Editorial review
17 Sep 2014
22 Oct 2012
12 Oct 2011
20 Nov 2010
Editorial review
28 May 2010

What's new

v3.2 [29 Aug 2017]
- Fixes redraw bug when selecting search results on High-Sierra.
- Fixes problem pasting multiple events from clipboard into other apps.
- Handles importing of ics files containing leading spaces.
- Disables NLP when entering new events in Month view day cells.
- Improvements to exception handling.

v3.1 [15 Oct 2016]
- Fixed Exchange attendee directory lookup.
- Fixed attendee invite notifications not getting sent in some cases.
- Fixed issue when canceling last instance of a repeating meeting on Exchange.
- Fixed dialog not displaying when deleting a meeting request.
- Added support for looking up Exchange attendees by last name.
- Extended width of attendee auto-complete list.
- Improved handling of attendee and contact names with unicode characters.
- Improved attendee lookup performance.
- Fixed issue when pasting selected text from Notes field into other apps.
- Fixed menu bar truncation of To Dos with long titles.
- Fixed snooze alarm description clipping.
- Fixed Calendar List font preference not sticking.
- Fixed crash when collapsing/expanding Calendar Group in source list.
- Fixed crash when choosing Other starting location for Travel Time.
- Fixed crash when pasting title text inline in Week view.
- Retain text editing settings in Notes field between sessions.
- Use standard bullet character and default font for Date & Time stamp in Notes field.
- Commit edits to Notes field when clicking Availability Viewer.
- Quick Entry preview enhancements.

v2.0 [22 Oct 2012]
• Fixed time out error when fetching attachments from iCloud
• Fixed bug that caused Google to send two invites for each meeting request

v1.6 [12 Oct 2011]
- Fixed code signing bug that would cause installation errors on some systems.

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Easily keep track of your daily events, to-dos, and reminders.

Remind Me Later

App that lets you add events to iCal.

NUD to iCal

A free utility that copies events from Now Up-to-Date to iCal.

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