Business Process Visual ARCHITECT

Business Process Visual ARCHITECT

Do you feel your business process has become too complex and unmanageable?

What's new

- Business Motivation Model: Identify, capture and design organization motivation, vision, mission and strategy by industrial standard OMG Business Motivation Model (BMM).
- Highlight glossary term: Glossary terms are highlighted in shape captions and documentations. You can click on a term to popup the glossary to read its definition.
- Reuse glossary terms between projects: Define and manage glossary terms in a base project and reuse them in all depending projects.
- Model refactoring: Move project data (i.e. model elements/diagrams) from current to dependent project through model refactoring. This ease the sharing of common project data, improves readability as well as to reduce complexity of project. A typical usage is to refactor pool and lane to dependent project, to make it possible to share across different current projects.
- Process statistic: Evaluate a business process in diagram and show the number of message flows, total process costs and total processing of hours of the process.
- Configure diagram hotkey: Specify hotkey for creating diagram elements (e.g. sub-process) on diagram. This make it possible to create shape in quick. E.g. press "S" to create a sub-process.

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