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Designed to keep the books for all types of business, whether sole-trader, partnership, limited company, VAT or non-VAT registered.
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Business Accountz... Designed to keep the books for all types of business, whether sole-trader, partnership, limited company, VAT or non-VAT registered. Business Accountz Basic makes bookkeeping enjoyable and simple. You can see and edit everything you enter, and using Accountz Rapid Data Entry system, you will do it far more quickly than anything else currently available.
Business Accountz Basic is pure bookkeeping. That is, it is 100% transaction based, rather than form based which most other software is. The advantage is that you can take all your source documents (eg. invoices, receipts, bank statements etc) and enter them in one after another in any order directly into a table.
Once entered you can re-arrange them in any order you like (eg. view them by Tax Date, VAT Date, Amount, Reference etc.). You can also edit anything whenever you like directly in the table. If you are happy with an entry, you can lock it to avoid any accidental editing. Of course, you can also unlock any transactions too, so you will never be forced to make traditional correcting entries unless you want to.
However, probably the most important feature of Business Accountz is the simplicity of transactions. The most important of which are labelled From and To. These replace the traditional double-entry terms Credit and Debit and has the simple effect of making book-keeping understandable to everyone. Here is an example: paying off your credit card. The money comes From your bank and goes To your credit card, and that is exactly how you enter it into the system. A sale: the comes From a sales account and goes To your bank (or Unpaid Invoices if it is on credit). A payment: the payment comes From your bank (or cash, credit card etc.) and goes To some expense account. Nothing could be simpler.
If you are VAT registered, that is also included within the single transaction that you make. All you need to specify is the VAT code, for example, selecting the 'Standard VAT' rate will auto-calculate the VAT for you.
Everything is updated immediately, so you can see precisely what you have in the bank, what you owe suppliers, your VAT return etc, and almost all of these views are obtained with 1 or 2 clicks. Accountz software has been designed from the start to use the smallest number of mouse clicks (or keyboard presses). This has the following benefits:
- Faster data entry
- Faster reporting
- Easier to remember
- Saves you time
- Saves you money
- If you want to produce invoices and need customer tracking, statements and quotations, then you will need Business Accountz Professional.Business Accountz Basic Features
- Pure, fast bookkeeping
- Fully editable
- Instant VAT returns
- Exports to spreadsheets
- Accountant ready reports
- Free lifetime forum support

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