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Match 3 or more birds of the same color to clear area for taking pictures.
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Burdaloo is an entertaining puzzle game where you need to match 3 or more burds of the same color to clear area for taking pictures of Burdaloo islands. Burds are funny birds living on Burdaloo islands. However, taking them off the board is not as simple as it seems to be since you will be limited in time and will have to complete different tasks offered by various game modes. For example, in the Shoo! burds mode you should match more burds of specified colors before you run out of time, in the Burd brain mode you need to align the burds so they match the given pattern, and so on. Also there is a black burd, they call it Herman, that blocks the row, and you can not slide it up or down, as well as to the left or right. But, to ease the task, there is a shop where you can buy various items that will help you with the burds. Bob, the shop owner, can offer you a bucket of paint, using which you will be able to take off all the burds of the same color from the board, leaf blower that will blow away the leaves, as well as the whole row of burds, seed to feed the burds and take them all off the board, and so on. But, as you might have guessed already, to buy all these items you will need money (the currency of the islands is Burdaloons), so use all your skill and work harder to earn more Burdaloons and complete all the numerous levels.

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