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BubbleIceAge is a puzzle game in which you need to throw color balls.
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BubbleIceAge is a very simple puzzle game in which you need to throw color balls to a group of balls of the same color to make them disappear from the board. The group of balls needs to contain at least three balls and they should be adjacent to disappear. There is a meter that gets filled with every group of balls you eliminate and when it gets full, you can proceed to the next level. The thing is that every few minutes the balls come down a little bit and if any of the balls reaches the bottom line, the game is over.

The game includes three modes: Classic, Puzzle and Advance, and their rules vary slightly. There are also five difficulty levels, which vary in the amount of balls included in the playing field and in the number of different colors. Sadly, the game features very simple graphics, no sounds, and suitable, but very repetitive music.

In short, BubbleIceAge is a very popular puzzle game which really doesn't offer anything original or outstanding to recommend. It is also pretty expensive for what it has to offer, so I suggest that you shouldn't waste your time and money with this game.

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  • Three modes
  • Five difficulty levels


  • Poor graphics
  • No sounds
  • Repetitive music



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