BTV Pro X 6.0

View, capture, edit, animate video, timelapse, and motion detection.
6.0 (See all)

BTV Pro is an application for the Macintosh that allows you to view, capture and edit video, create stop-motion animations, and also has advanced capture features such as frame averaging, time lapse and motion detection. It works with any Macintosh compatible video input source such as video input cards, TV cards, built-in video, USB, DV, and FireWire video sources. Note that OSX native driver software is needed for your device to use it under OSX.
What's new in this version:
Code-signed for compatibility with Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion More reliable recovery of movies after a crash or power failure during capture Ability to open movies that are locked or already open by another application New option to use a set size for movie captures Motion detection feature now captures sound as well as video Improved motion detection capture performance...

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