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TOLIS Group's disk cloning tool for Mac OS X desktop systems.
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bruCLONE is TOLIS Group's disk cloning tool for Mac OS X desktop systems. It delivers OS X ease of use with 22 years of Unix reliability to create bootable exact copies of OS X hard disks. Following the repair of a damaged system, recovery is as simple as performing a reverse clone of the volume after booting the system from the target disk.
- Live System Cloning - based upon TOLIS' proven BRU™ technology, bruCLONE is an exceptionally fast, yet lightweight process that is designed to allow a system to remain online and in productive use while the clone operation occurs. bruCLONE uses Unix API's that provide file copy operations of in-use files.
- Bootable Clones - bruCLONE will make the target destination volume bootable if the source volume was bootable. All bootable disk types are supported.
- Comprehensive Coverage - All aspects of the source volume are duplicated onto the target destination volume; permissions, resource forks, and Finder info are all protected.
- CLONE Watch - the CLONE Watch icon resides in the system menu bar's status area and uses user-definable values for providing Green, Amber, and Red clone indicators. When a system reaches the Red warning level, a reminder dialog will also remind the user to update their target destination disk.
- Disaster Recovery - a bruCLONE target destination volume is a full duplicate of the source volume. bruCLONE provides instant bootable recovery for a crashed system whether that requires running the system temporarily from the clone disk or rebuilding the original system from the clone volume after the system has been repaired. You do not need to reinstall the base OS X operating system. When used in conjunction with a backup tool such as BRU LE, BRU PE, or BRU Server, clone recovery can simplify the process of restoring your system so that anyone can return their OS X desktop system to fully operational status.
- Incremental Updating - bruCLONE knows which files are changed or added to your primary disk and can be used to update the target destination volume without requiring a new full clone operation.
- Source Volume Permission Repair - bruCLONE allows you to check and fix the permissions on a source volume before performing the clone operation to ensure the target destination volume is created properly.
- Adjustable Priority Levels - the user can set the priority level of the clone operation to allow the system to remain useful or to increase the speed of the clone operation when the system will not be in use.
- Perfect Support Staff Tool - bruCLONE provides Mac desktop support teams with an easy to use tool that can provide both emergency recovery and the ability to "roll-back" system updates. By performing a clone operation of a system when it is installed and before any major changes (OS Upgrade, new application install), you have an easy mechanism for "undoing" any changes made to the system. We offer special volume discounts on bruCLONE. Ask your sales rep for more information.Special Pricing for BRU LE, BRU PE and BRU Server users - Let our sales team know that you already own another BRU product (active serial number required) and you'll save $20 when purchasing bruCLONE.
Note about PPC vs. Intel Cloning: Because the boot environment for PPC and Intel Mac systems are different, it is not possible to boot one type of system from a clone made from the other type of system. While the data can be copied from one to the other, Intel systems can't boot from a PPC clone, and vice versa.



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