Broken Sword - The Smoking Mirror: Remastered 1.1

An HD version of the classic adventure game.
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Play the renewed version of the acclaimed quest and control the protagonists George Stobbart and Nico Collard as they uncover conspiracies and solve puzzles. The game features pint and click mechanics and features limited interactivity of specific objects.

‘Broken Sword – the Smoking Mirror: Remastered’ sees the return of George Stobbart and Nico Collard in the sequel to the App Store #1 smash hit ‘Broken Sword – the Shadow of the Templars’.
While investigating a ruthless drug gang, journalist Nico Collard unexpectedly comes across an ancient artifact. Little can she know that the ornately carved obsidian stone will lead her, and her adventuring companion George Stobbart, into a mysterious escapade of intrigue and deceit, in which they must overcome powerful forces and antagonists who will stop at nothing to fulfill their evil ambitions.
‘Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror – Remastered’ is a stunning update to the million-selling original. Along with an exclusive new interactive digital comic, from ‘Watchmen’ co-creator Dave Gibbons, the game boasts fully animated facial expressions, enhanced graphics throughout, high quality music as well as a context-sensitive hint system, and diary. The game also features Dropbox integration which facilitates a unique cross-platform save-game feature, enabling players to enjoy the same adventure simultaneously on multiple devices, full Game Center integration – including in-game achievements – and many other enhancements. Perfect 10/10
"… easily one of my most highly recommended titles on the platform. Bravo, Revolution. Bravo!"
Full English speech and text with option for French, German, Spanish or Italian.

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