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Breast Imaging Reporting Tool 1.0

Katiba® Breast Imaging Reporting Tool is an interactive educational app for
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Katiba® Breast Imaging Reporting Tool is an interactive educational app for learning how to create high quality breast ultrasound structured reports with improved accuracy, consistency and efficiency. Radiologists, radiology residents and sonographers will all benefit from this powerful teaching tool. In just a few seconds, you can print a hard copy of the report, save it as a PDF file to your RIS or PACS server, fax it, email or text it. Katiba® Breast integrates the Apple Speech Recognition (SR) technology which is much more reliable than other SR devices for voice dictation. Here are some of the current features of Katiba® Breast app:
1. Instant access to the definitions of the ACR BI-RADS® lexicon descriptors
2. A great self-directed teaching tool on how to describe breast ultrasound findings and how to structure the report
3. Integration with Apple's Speech Recognition technology "Dictation"
4. Structured Reporting modules to create standardized breast ultrasound reports
5. One touch graphic-based mass description
6. Easy to create or to add a signature to a report
7. Instant saving of the final report as a PDF file
8. Password security encryption to open the PDF reports
9. Password security option to copy text, images or other contents in the report
10. Password security option to print the report
11. Easy to add any diagrams or images (from your computer, PACS, mobile devices) to the report with the ability to add annotations, arrows, margins, lines, colors and text
12. instant sharing of the structured reports by email or text messaging (iMessage)
13. Easy to modify and customize reports to your preferences with your favourite font, color, style etc.
14. Short video tutorials on how to use the app to implement the above features
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