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Helps you remember to take a break and stretch.
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It's becoming increasingly clear that our bodies were not built to spend hour after hour in a chair. Research shows that too much sitting is seriously detrimental to our health, and short bursts of exercise does not completely help with that.
However, just by taking regular breaks, you can undo much of the damage. Not only your back, shoulder, neck, arms and hands and eyes are helped by breaks, but also your general health.
By taking regular breaks, you can actually increase your productivity by becoming more focused and energized.
Break Reminder will help with this without getting in your way. Some of the features:
- Automatic detection of usage. If you take a break yourself, you will not be interrupted.
- Optional fading out of the screen to make the break more effective.
- Different themes for the break screen and optional tips on ergonomics and similar topics.
- Adjustable work and break period lengths.
- Works with multi-monitor setups.
Get Break Reminder today and take control over your health!
What's new in this version:
- Allow shorter work periods and breaks to cover more use cases.
- Updated to fit in better with the overall style of Yosemite.
- Never show a window when started automatically at login.
- Miscellaneous bug fixes.

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