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Free Box of Games Lite is a pack of two different games.
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Aleksander Polanowski
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Box of Games Lite is a pack of two different games. The first one, called Worm Tower, is an arcade game in which you pile up boxes while preventing your tower from falling. You will notice that the boxes fly horizontally from left to right. Click the flying box to make it fall. If it falls exactly on top of the previous box every single time, your tower will not fall. But this is very difficult. Even if one box falls, you will loose and have to start over. The game is entertaining, but it gets boring after a while.

The second game is the popular game of Pong. If for some reason you have never played Pong, let me briefly explain it to you. The game simulates table tennis. You need to score a goal on your opponent. To do this you control a sort of paddle with the up and down arrow keys. The score is shown on the top part of the screen. This variation of Pong is very fast, but at times, you can simply leave your paddle still and the computer won't try to change the direction of the ball at all. After a while, the ball moves up automatically.

In conclusion, Box of Games Lite consists of two simple games. The quality of the games isn't great, but they are free.

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José Fernández
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