BookTracker 1.4

BookTracker is an easy to use way of keeping track of books that you own

BookTracker is an easy to use way of keeping track of books that you own, have read or have listened to. Because of BookTracker's flexibility, it is a great tool for both collectors who need to record lots of data and for the book enthusiast who just needs the basics. It includes fields for such information as title, author, copyright date, purchase price, location, last read date, etc. There are also custom fields that can be renamed as needed.

BookTracker allows you to place your books in an unlimited number of groups that you create yourself. You can also choose the layout of your booklist, showing the fields that are most important to you. The booklist can be sorted by any of the fields that you have chosen. There is also a filtering function that quickly displays specific titles or authors. BookTracker's printing functionality will print your customized booklist including the current sort and filter.
BookTracker has a convenient lookup feature to retrieve book details from the web.

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