Bookdog 5.3

Sort, scan, transfer, and fix bookmarks on your Mac.
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Sheep Systems
Manage bookmarks on your Mac. The app handles bookmarks in Google Bookmarks, Opera, Safari, Camino, Netscape,, OmniWeb, and Shiira. Sort bookmarks according to your specifications and keep them in that order using the app's built-in companion, Bookwatchdog. Scan duplicate files, fix broken bookmarks, transfer bookmarks between browsers, and transform tags to hierarchy and vice versa.

Bookdog is the complete bookmarks manager for your Mac. Bookdog manages the bookmarks you have in Camino Firefox 1.5-2 Firefox 3 Google Bookmarks OmniWeb Opera Netscape Safari Shiira 2.0 or later Managing bookmarks includes: Sorting to your specifications Keeping them sorted, by its built-in companion, Bookwatchdog Detecting duplicates, to your specifications Verifying bookmarks, fixing broken ones, advising on questionable ones Migrating bookmarks between browsers Migrates attributes such as descriptions, keywords Converts Tags to Hierarchy and back Powerful searching All capabilities extend to bookmarks on other networked Macs. Can also create or read standalone or "backup" bookmarks files.

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