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BonZai3d is a new 3D modeler developed to fill in the demand for a quick, easy, simple but, most importantly, geometrically robust approach to 3D, based on design industry essentials and designer requests.
In many ways, bonzai3d is an offspring of the form•;Z experience of the past 20 years. At the same time, it is a different application with a fresh approach to 3D modeling, aimed at delivering your conceptual design and sketching ideas on the fly while maintaining the option to transform them into accurate and robust models that can be used for construction drawings, can be smoothly rendered, and manufactured.
With affordability and powerful capabilities in mind bonzai3d delivers:
- Fluid, powerful, and smart interface
- Smart 3D drawing
- All the classic modeling tools
- Real time Booleans
- NURBS curves and surfaces
- Dynamic graphic editing
- Reshape tool makes sculpting easy
- Advanced OpenGL rendering
- Shadows, transparencies, and textures
- Graphic texture map editing
- Over 200 materials (texture maps)
- Content library for trees, furniture, doors/windows
- Support of 3D Warehouse
- Google Earth and SketchUp file compatibility
- Over 20 export/import formats for easy interoperability
- Support for 3D printing and fabrication
- Embedded video tutorials

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