Boldt 24-Pack UIowa Trumpet 1.0

Package of 5 variations of one software instrument for GarageBand / Logic.
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Boldt 24-Pack UIowa Trumpet is a package of 5 variations of one software instrument for GarageBand / Logic. Boldt 24-Pack UIowa Trumpet is a shareware product. If you find it useful, please pay a shareware fee or donate an old Mac to my Mac museum using the included instructions. You decide how much you want to pay. This is a motivator for me to continue developing Boldt 24-Packs. Boldt 24-Pack UIowa trumpet has the following features: DETUNED to sound like high school band3 stereophonic section variations, including looping, natural release, and one where each player begins to breathe independently after you hold a note downEach note in the sections contains 5 simultaneous unique trumpet samples at discreet stereophonic positions3 solo, mono variations3 velocity layersUnique sample for each playable note and velocityWhy is this instrument out of tune? Some notes are WAY out there.
It gives the instrument certain qualities that would be lost if I tuned it. I have intended for this instrument to sound like a high school band. There are several other trumpets in my Boldt 24-Pack packages that are in tune if this is better for your music style. You could also consider tweaking a few notes using pitch bend, but this could easily turn into a tedious task.Why is it still called "Boldt 24-Pack" if it has only 5 instruments this time?
The format of the instruments is EXS-24, and that is where the 24 comes from. The first Boldt 24-Pack did actually have 24 instruments, but I wanted this one to have more.



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