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Blueball RW Pro Tabs Is Extremely Simple For Any Rapidweaver User To Use To Customize Their Site Page Layouts With! Our Blueball RW Pro Tabs theme is very versatile and offers a sleek cool minimal look that's stands out from the rest and works better! We've added in our most requested theme variations all designed to help you out as you develop your new Rapidweaver site with the Blueball RW Pro Tabs theme. No Javascripts. No Plugin Conflicts. It Just Works! RW Pro Tabs simplified and well thought out layout structure allows anyone to load up on extras like third party page plugins and more for your site pages without having to worry if there will be any javascript conflicts with the theme itself. No extra javascripts are used in Blueball RW Pro Tabs outside of the standard Rapidweaver required default javascript.js file! This means you will not have conflicts with jQuery, mootools and other javascript libraries. Blueball RW Pro Tabs offers the rock solid display performance in IE6, IE7, Firefox, and Safari that Blueball themes are known for and works with all the major third party page plug-ins. Variations include:Full RAPIDWEAVER 4.0 Functionality including theme styles with color picker!20 built-in Theme Styles - 10 for each of the 2 page widths!24 color picker options available for maximum color scheme customization! You control the color schemes in your theme layout and site pages.4 Pageheader Area Heights 110px (default), 130px, 150px, and 170px20 different custom image slot variations. You can hide or show each image location on a page by page basis.2 site page widths - 1000px (default with 920px active content), and 800px (720px active content).Horizontal tabbed nav menu with up to 4 sub menu levels.3 sidebar variations - hide, left or right4 headline font style variations - Helvetica (default), Georgia (default), Lucida Grande, and Trebuchet.5 content font style variations - Lucida Grande (default), Georgia (default), Helvetica, Verdana, and Trebuchet.2 Logo display variations - Show (default) or hide, with logo aligned to the right side in the pageheader area.Automatic linking of logo image to your home page using the base url feature in RapidweaverBuilt-in IE6 png transparency



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