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Introducing Blueball Pro Tabs, a Sandvox design template that gives your Sandvox site a cool, unique, and professional look. Featuring a stylish tabbed menu and gradient background with a shadowed page effect, Blueball Pro Tabs comes in 2 widths - 800px and 1000px. The Blueball Pro Tab Design bundle includes 10 color layouts and a total of 20 individual Pro Tabs designs!
Blueball Pro Tabs is perfect for virtually any website and sure to be a big hit with your viewers who like a professional looking site that's easy to navigate through!
Comes with 20 Blueball Pro Tab Design templates in 800px and 1000px widths. We've also included detailed ReadMe files to help you get the most out of Blueball Pro Tabs when using it to create your Sandvox web site.
Blueball Pro Tabs Design displays perfectly in Safar, Firefox (Mac/PC), IE6 and IE7.
What's new in this version:
The BLUEBALL PRO TABS designs bundle v5.0 is a small but significant update that includes: Fixed display issue with IE6 when IE6 was not in full screen mode that caused page contents to be off center. Page contents now display correctly when IE6 is not in full screen mode Added in several new css adjustments to the main.css file: Added in bottom margin of 8px to content area paragraphs. Added in 6px bottom margin to all pagelet paragraphs. Removed duplicate listing of Call...



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