Blueball Ecom

Blueball Ecom 1.0

Sandvox design bundle that includes 10 designs.

Blueball Ecom offers a sleek and stylish alternative to the traditional Sandvox design layout, and is perfect for any site layout, from personal to small business sites, and more! We've also tried to make it easier for Sandvox users to add e-commerce functionality to their Sandvox site with our Blueball Ecom design bundle by including 2 pre-built Paypal e-commerce Sandvox 1.6 sites. Using the Edit Raw HTML feature in Sandvox Pro, users can cut and paste in their own text, images and Paypal button codes replacing the commented out placeholder code currently in place. The Blueball Ecom designs bundle is the best Sandvox design solution available today for individuals and businesses who want to get a Sandvox site up fast to sell items online using Paypal. Feature Highlights: 2 widths: 760px and 960px 5 vibrant color schemes 10 designs included in bundle 2 Pre-built Sandvox e-commerce sites Supports banner image swapping function 10 blank banner image files included to create your custom banners with Built-in image resizing to the full width of the content area with sidebar showing 4 detailed readme files Supports all Sandvox 1.6 features Learn more about Blueball Ecom's on the product info page, and preview all of the 10 Ecom demo sites built using the included Sandvox site files. You can also download the Ecom bundle's readme files ahead of time to see all that Ecom has to offer before you buy.
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