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It provides you with a convenient playback experience for your media files.
CardenDemi — 5 years ago
I needed to upgrade my blue-ray player because my old one would not play the latest Blu-ray disc with complicated encryption. This Mac Blu-ray player was a snap to install and has a great user interface. Works with all DVDs and Blu-Ray discs so far. No glitches of any kind. I am very happy with this purchase.
DavidSam — 5 years ago
Very Happy overall with this Player. It has worked well for us so far and the picture quality is very good. Player is compact, works well and easy to use. Excellent picture with the best and most natural colors compared to other products. All in all this has been a great purchase.
Sun — 5 years ago
This version is so good after upgrading it, everytime when I drag the bar to fast forward the screen,and it is so fluently and everything is fine...
AmberBeda — 5 years ago
This very compact, reasonably priced Blu-ray player performs well for basic functions. Easy setup and picture is great and streams flawlessly. Great! This player software does everything I wanted it to and more! I would buy it all over again. Highly recommended.
love — 5 years ago
I've always loved Mac-blu-ray player, and the latest version (2.9.3) has the features panel which is deeply, deeply enchanting.Suffice it to say,Mac-Blu-ray player has made a great strides in improving the functions over the years,I'm holding on...
EarlaFern — 5 years ago
I absolutely love this Blu-ray/DVD player. It has all the features I was looking for/wanted. Plays my Blu-rays, regular DVD's. And most of all, it's at a great/affordable price for such a great item! I'm very glad I purchased this Mac Blu-ray Disc Player. If you have an older Blu-ray player and are looking for a good, cheap upgrade, I would recommend this Blu-ray player.
Matthewkyle — 5 years ago
I believe I am a lucky one to get this with a big discount and I look this as a little bday gift to myself. Haven't played too much with it but until now everything is fine. It's got a friendly interface. I tried several functions and it turns out to be sensitive and fast. I am looking forward to its following Outstanding Performance.
ghuk — 5 years ago
This morning I updated to the new version. Easy installation, totally portable, plays video files directly from a portable way.Mac Blu-ray Player is the only player that I've seen that play almost all types of video
Ilya Zhezlov — 6 years ago
Not the worst program I have ever used.
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