Blocks That Matter 1.0

A 2D puzzle platformer where one must reconfigure the environment.
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Blocks that Matter is a 2D puzzle platformer where one must reconfigure the environment by drilling and arranging its constituent blocks of matter. Different types of blocks have different properties that must be taken into consideration when placing them anew. Additionally, the blocks can only be placed in tetromino-shaped groups of four or eliminated as a line of eight.

To complete these tasks and reach the exit for each level, the player has a "Tetrobot" at their disposal, a small robot that can run, jump, and drill, but is vulnerable to enemies - two hits will cause a level restart (which can also be executed manually in short order). Every level has a bonus "block that matters" which is in a hidden or difficult-to-access niche; on some levels it is not accessible at all until the player upgrades Tetrobot's abilities by reaching higher levels. Each BTM has a unique design that refers explicitly to another "block" game, as a tribute to those games that came before.

Sam's Protip: Preserve or reclaim every resource possible as you progress through the level, or you may find a restart necessary.

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  • Playful plot meshes with the childlike quality of a favorite games list
  • The learning curve is just about right


  • Some bonus tokens are not reachable until additional abilities are unlocked
  • Protagonist lacks personality



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